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Although a Lot of Men and Women Might see security of IP as being counter to the ideal of a university’s mission to teach, nothing could be further from the target or fact of IP protection. Security does not follow that others do not understand about the discovery or invention; it only does permit the programmer or inventor to keep the right to create products from the creation. Furthermore, since patents demand a complete written description of these technologies, a patent was made to improve the body of knowledge for us all. Rendell, 2014 San Diego State University is closely tied to its community as a program director and finance generating force in addition to externally becoming a steward for wide community investment and development in the local atmosphere. The Tech Transfer program that is most enduring on San Diego State University’s ecological community is the partnership with the State of California’s Energy Commission Energy Innovations Small Grant Program.

The Energy Innovations Small Grant EISG Program provides up to $95,000 for hardware jobs and $50,000 for simulating jobs to small companies, non-profits, individuals and academic institutions to conduct research that establishes the feasibility of new, innovative energy concepts. Research projects need to target among the PIER R&D regions, tackle a California energy problem, and offer a potential benefit to California electric and natural gas ratepayers. Energy Innovations Small Grant Program, 2014 this program is administered by Frank H. Steensnaes and is conducted in the San Diego State University Research Foundation’s office located at 6495 Alvarado Ct. Suite 103, San Diego, California 92182. The far-reaching consequences of the app influence many academic institutions, private industrial businesses, and civil associations.

The shipping of this program has impacted the financial and energy markets in California and across the nation. To ease comprehension of the regional ecological ecosystem surrounding San Diego State University, it is vital for all of us to think about the wider sustainability outlook of their institution and check for program management tool. San Diego State is devoted to the delivery of social, environmental, and financial growth for this community as well as pupils. In the modern Planet, the power we use and how we use it are shifting. For California to make the jump from the status quo to attaining energy and climate targets at the lowest possible price, we need considerably more energy creation Energy Innovations Small Grant Program, 2014. It is from this premise that the necessity to create a frame to offer program management which also adheres to eco-efficiency principles should attest.