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The most notable Brand for quartz counter top surfacing is Silestone, which is thought of as one of the top materials for counter-top use worldwide. Silestone is well known for combining quality and attractiveness to make a superior choice with respect to surfaces in both the home and workplace. Silestone is broadly utilized for design purposes in the kitchen. Both ageless beauty and sophisticated elegance are available within Silestone, along with another stone counter top. Silestone conveys amazing natural quartz, which can be deep, luminous, cool and strong. The clarity in the quartz counter tops created by Silestone is brilliant. These attributes are extraordinary to natural rock, which means that you cannot recreate them in Formica, butcher block, or other manmade materials.

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Silestone, Along with several other natural stone counter top materials, is remarkably versatile meaning that it will be used for a vast array of surfacing utilizes, much like kitchen counter tops, surrounding regions for showers and bathtubs, vanities in baths, walls, table tops, fireplace surrounds, wet bars, desktops and backsplashes merely to name a couple of Diamond, Sapphire and Topaz are the only organic materials that are harder than quartz table top, which means they are the only things that will cut or scrape the stone. Because people usually do not utilize diamonds, sapphires or topaz from the kitchen, you can have confidence your granite counter tops will be resistant to scratching. Silestone is not completely scratch proof, so you will at present have the choice to damage it in case you place the ideal quantity of weight.

Silestone is Famous for having at least multiple occasions greater quality than granite, meaning that it is less helpless to cracking and chipping, particularly during transport and installation activities. Since Silestone is non-porous, it is not defenseless to stains as is granite, so that you do not have to think about fluids such as coffee, wine, make up, olive oil and vinegar which might damage other counter top surfaces, like granite.