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Alright, it’s time for a little exercise. Get up, go into the kitchen, open up the freezer and see if you have salmon in it. In most cases, yes, and it is rapidly dwindling, so you mentally check it in your mind as a part of the ever-growing grocery list.

The salmon is of the order termed Salmoniformes, and the class is Actinopterygii. A seafood staple that is perpetually in demand around the clock, the salmon is one of the most consumed seafood items.

This should come as no surprise, owing to the fact that in the last three times you went out, there’s an eighty percent chance you had consumed salmon at least once.

With spongy, succulent meat that demands the attention it deserves, it’s hard not to fall for its absolute perfection.

frozen salmon is a must-have in every household, in cases of emergency salmon cravings. The meat, on top of being delicious, is also found to be highly versatile.

There is no form of cooking starting with simple frying to poaching, grilling, baking or boiling that salmon is not used for. It is used in the making of several different dishes and can also fit itself seamlessly in any cuisine, thereby garnering a global demand and loyal fanbase.

 Each packet contains half a kilogram of deliciousness with its skin on. These fillets are not of sashimi-grade.

Happy cooking!