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Bioburden refers to the number of germs living on a surface which hasn’t been sterilized. Therefore, bioburden testing is the enumeration and characterization of the populace of viable aerobic microorganisms in or on a medical device, component, raw material, or bundle that hasn’t been sterilized. Bioburden testing has application in areas like municipal water, food and drink, clinical, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Bioburden testing is conducted in two parts: In the first, quantitative phase microbial enumeration, the complete number of viable aerobic microorganisms in addition to the whole yeast and mold count is set.

The second, qualitative stage test for specified germs is intended to ascertain the presence or absence of particular microorganisms. Our experienced microbiologists have unmatched experience in bioburden testing, sample handling, disinfection, and avoidance of contamination. This reduces your risk of having to alter a sterilization dose or regulatory filing. Process water ought to be clean as it is under GaAs water purification to eliminate any undesirable chemicals from ordinary tap water. If there is no expansion, the filter paper ought to be clean. But if there is development, we will send the plate for gram staining that is a testing used to ascertain the kind of bacteria involved. Overall, the most crucial experience was I have developed a greater understanding of how aseptic techniques is quite important in microbiology testing.

It requires full concentration and everything ought to be managed cautiously instead of finishing it within a fast pace that could interrupt the work flow and add in any undesirable contaminants. I’m conscious that this understanding will help me when I pursue related job later on. I’m grateful for this chance to begin my career here and I expect to have the ability to understand the rationale behind every testing well rather than just doing blindly. A vacuum pump is connected to the side of the manifold such that if you filter your sample, you turn the knob open to the manifold and the water will be filtered through the filter paper to the manifold and the water will drain out in a 10L filter flask. Before testing, make sure that proper personal gear is worn such as lab coats, goggles, gloves and sterile sleeves.